The Voice has been brought back after a hiatus, with Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton returning as judges and with Carson Daly returning as host.

The Voice
Season 1
Judges Adam Levine

Gwen Stefani

Pharrell Williams

Blake Shelton

Host Carson Daly
Next Season Season 2

Teams Edit

Coaches Top 48
Adam Levine Phoenix Ward Tori Lyons
Stolen Artist Stolen Artist Stolen Artist
Gwen Stefani Evelyn Rose Tegan Grant Jackie Price
Stolen Artist Stolen Artist Stolen Artist
Pharrell Williams Reed Bell
Stolen Artist Stolen Artist Stolen Artist
Blake Shelton Justice Stewart Jacob Reynolds
Stolen Artist Stolen Artist Stolen Artist

Blind Auditions Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach and Contestant's Choices
Adam Gwen Pharrell Blake
1 Phoenix Ward 31 "Bridge Over Troubled Water" x x - x
2 Reed Bell 25 "The Way You Look Tonight" x x x x
3 Evelyn Rose 19 "Get Up, Stand Up" - x - x
4 Solomon French 35 "Vienna" - - - -
5 Tori Lyons 26 "Bring Me To Life" x x x x
6 Justice Stewart 23 "Born Under A Bad Sign" - - - x
7 Jacob Reynolds 20 "River Of Tears" - x x x
8 Bailey Jordan 24 "LoveStoned" - - - -
9 Tegan Grant 15 "Lost Boy" x x - -
10 Jackie Price 28 "California Dreamin'" x x x x

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